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Stalley doesn’t wear fake Obsidian Jordan 12s

Written by Mr. Nesbitt, 3 years ago, 1 Comment

This morning Mofo’s had a few comments on rapper @Stalley‘s appearance on 106 & park, and it wasn’t about the dope ass Supreme floral fit he had on. For some reason they thought his Obsidian Jordan 12s were fake. . . .Why? Because they haven’t released yet.


I believe social media and constant access to successful people has made some  think that people like Stalley are “regular”. Personality-wise YES the dude is probably calm and cool. But status and access –> he is UP THERE!!! He is performing across the world and on National TV, and you (@LyricistFan) don’t think he has access to some $160 Jordans that release in June?

Please go off by yourself and contemplate. . . Thanks

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