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Olivier Rousteing | New 25 yr. old head designer of BALMAIN

Written by Mr. Nesbitt, 3 years ago, 1 Comment

Balmain is the French fashion house started 67 years ago by Pierre Balmain. Like most historic fashion houses it has a long lasting legacy that has spanned well after the founders death. What we also know is that the corporate engines behind these houses make sure to revive labels with modern creative directors.

For Balmain they chose Olivier Rousteing (AGE 25!!) as their creative director. This is Huge seeing as in past decades the creative directors were old enough to have grand children. The difference definitely shows with celebrities like Zoe Saldana and Katy Perry rocking his new looks on red carpets.

Another great leap is joining the social media world. It’s been realized that couture is dying and people don’t want total exclusivity and hush hushs luxury. Now just as we care about where our veggies are grown, shipped and taxed we also care about how these fashion houses work; Who the designers are, what were the inspirations, What parties does Olivier attend?

Balmain recently joined twitter and Facebook AND is giving real content like videos of their cool ass young hip Creative director. Check out his introduction:

They don’t have hundreds of thousands in likes and views yet, and that’s because Balmain just joined the social convo unlike Alexander Mcqueen and Proenza Schuler who have caught the social media bug a while ago. BUT Balmain is definitely taking the right steps from old and dusty to NEW, YOUNG and TECH SAVVY! I don’t doubt that they will be reaching the masses with an H&M collection in a year or so. Let’s watch and see!


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  1. TwiggykixMay 7, 2012, 3:08 pm

    He’s so vibrant! Love, Love, LOVE everything about this! New takes!