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Bishop Eddie Long-dick-in-boys

Written by Twiggykix, 5 years ago, 1 Comment

If you haven’t heard all over the news, famous reverend/preacher/pastor Bishop Eddie Long is in turrrible trouble because 2 young guys from the church (and now one more) has come forth and said that he has bribed them with luxurious things for sex. I’m like whatever…..preachers be gay out here dawg. But the pointless thing is that he is one of the leading activist in anti-gay rallies. If I knew I was gay and I didn’t wanna get caught, I wouldn’t put myself out there and go hard about being so AGAINST homosexuality. I’d just keep it kosher and wouldn’t say sh*t!!! Now this nigga is a triple hypocrite.

Besides all that, the funniest thing about it is one of the boys sent in these pics of him that Bishop Long-dick-in-boys actually sent to the boy himself:

*pause*……………………yea he’s gay. There is absolutely no other excuse of why you send pics like this to another guy. Like “hey check out my new Under Armour I got from Value City. Great Prices!!” or “This Kangol is what it’s hittin fo’…..and so are mah chains” or “I just got my bathroom refinished….you like?” ………..wack ass alternatives, don’t ya think?

You know Twitter went in. Especially my homies @NicholsAccomp and @DragonflyJonez (my fellow comrades over at Check out this hilarious-ness:

@DragonflyJonez said:

Bishop Eddie Long’s chains are littler #denabitch in that picture. That nigga ain’t shit man.

Bishop Eddie Long probably spells his name like Eddi in his text messages. Cuz he’s gay.

Bishop Eddie Long text: “Yo. What’s up Ralph? This is Eddi. Is it cool to fuck?”

That nigga Bishop Eddie Long looks like a 3rd string Arena League fullback. Pick up the blitz, lead blocker face ass nigga.

@NicholsAccomp said:

Nigger Eddie Long could probably blame his anal lust on steroids.. Isn’t that one of the side effects?

Nigger Eddie Long was in those fuckin pictures coonin’ with that Kangol on and shit…

Tell that nigger Eddie Long I said quit wearin those country ass silver tipped belts and shit..

Nigger Eddie Long is in the bathroom lookin like a fuckin action figure and shit.. Dude looks like Road Block from GI Joe.

Tell that nigga Eddie Long it’s okay to breath while taking pics man..

This Nigga Eddie Long borrowed Shannon Sharpe’s nose for his bathroom pics..

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